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Fresh Fiber

• Cormo Silk

• Upland Wool
   & Mohair


• Wool Mohair

• Upland Wool
   & Alpaca


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Farm Fresh Fiber
Cormo Handspinners Sliver

Cormo Silk Handspinner’s Sliver

75% Cormo wool/25% Bombyx silk

My premier fiber blend of cormo wool from my coat-protected fleeces combined with bombyx silk. This snowy-white, decadent blend has been pin-drafted to ensure the smoothest possible spinning experience. Heaven in a bag.

4 ounces  $20.00




Upland Wool & Mohair Roving

60% wool/40% Mohair

This textured blend combines award-winning fleeces from my Border Leicester and fine wool sheep with lustrous mohair. The long staple makes this an easy spin for beginners. A carded preparation, ideal for spinning lofty woolen yarns.

4 ounces  $15.00





Wool & Mohair Handspinner’s Sliver

60% wool/40% mohair

A pin-drafted preparation for worsted and semi-worsted spinning. The blend is a combination of fleeces from my Border Leicester and fine wool sheep with lustrous mohair. Pin-drafted fibers are more aligned than carded roving, which makes it easier to spin a consistent yarn.

4 ounces  $18.00





Upland Wool & Alpaca Roving

80% wool/20% Alpaca

Upland is a special blend of wools from my flock. Combined with prime alpaca, this roving preparation drafts easily and is a spinner’s pleasure. I especially enjoy using a drop spindle for this fiber blend.

4 ounces  $16.50



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Upland Wool and Alpaca Roving

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